First scape of 2014

FarawayFarmer(9a)March 3, 2014

I just noticed it yesterday, but judging by its height, it's been growing for a while, now. Butterscotch Ruffles was the first to bloom in 2013 - March 15, to be exact.

It's not the prettiest daylily in the garden, but it's certainly the most prolific, both in terms of bloom quantity and the rate at which it multiplies.


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Julia NY(6)

NICE. On a day like today here in the north with temps in the teens, it is wonderful to see a daylily scape. I keep hoping for our weather to go back to the 40's. It was like a heat wave LOL.

Do post a pic when it blooms.


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It is going be another 3.5 months before I see a daylily scape. Very nice to see things are starting for you, John.

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The daylilies may not be blooming - yet, but other things are. We have a hedge of Ruby Loropetalum that is in full bloom. So are the wild plum trees in the area, along with the Redbud trees. Even the wild Phlox are beginning to flower - I saw a few of them along I-75, when I drove down to Tampa (90 miles SW of us) yesterday. And we have one blossom each on our two Japanese Magnolia trees. Spring is definitely here. For us, the first sign of spring is when the Osprey begin sitting on their nests atop the transmission line following a nearby secondary road. They'll be on those nests until late July.


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Maryl zone 7a

It got down to 3 last night, so many months away from daylilies. I really like your Lorepetalum. I thought about them at one time, but I believe they like soil on the acidic side and we are in the alkaline range. So nice to see blooms this time of year on anything........Maryl

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Oh, how nice to see a daylily scape while we are enjoying sub-zero temperatures here (-17F today). Congrats on the first one!

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Very nice! My daylilies are just beginning to wake up. Some have about an inch of growth, while others are still sound asleep.


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Nancy zone 6

So nice to see that spring really isn't that far away. We had a bout of sleet & freezing rain, over 2" of that mess, then 4" of snow on top of that on the roads now. So cold, brr, it isn't going away fast, I had snowdrops, mini iris, lenten roses & crocus blooming before this started, & daffs were up with buds up several inches. I'll see how they handle this weather :) Temps are getting warmer tomorrow though, so maybe a lot will go away.

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Nice to see. this winter has been a bear. I don't know when it will exit, but fear a quick turnover to summer. Daylilies eventually.

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shive(6b TN)

With the cold hard winter here, I think my daylilies will be blooming later this year. It's great to see a scape somewhere though.


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Here in North central Florida, it's that time of the year. This afternoon, while weeding, I discovered a scape on California Kid. It was a new acquisition last year, so we're looking forward to seeing it in bloom.


Here is a link that might be useful: California Kid

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sonjamae(z8 N Florida)

John you will love California Kid. Is that one you got from us? How is everything you got from us looking?

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Yes, it is, and I'm somewhat amazed that you remember. We were at your garden during your open house, and you were really jammed up with people that day.

Everything we get from you always does well.


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see some green peeking out of the sleet and snow-will winter ever end? Last Sunday 70-Monday 15 and more sleet and snow..

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shive(6b TN)

It was trying to be spring here the past couple of days, but see the forecast this week is calling for more nights in the 20s. I have a feeling it won't be consistently springlike until late April here.


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How long from first seeing scape (even younger than this) to bloom? I am trying to schedule an open house to see the daylilies and have no scapes yet!!

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I don't have a good answer for that question. I first spotted the scape on March 3rd, but based on its size, it had obviously been there for awhile. It bloomed on March 9th.

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