Best apple trees for Arkansas

abunariFebruary 20, 2014

I live in central Arkansas and was wondering if anyone in this area has experience growing apple trees, what are the best varieties for the area?

Thank you

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This may sound cheesy buuuuuut Arkansas black apple. I live in north Louisiana & have 3 of them (one died from the drought last year). Mine are the dwarf variety. It is by far my favorite apple. Ever. They are prone to nibbles from deer. I almost lost a young one because of that.

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I suggest checking out the heirloom varieties at www, They specialize in southern heirlooms divided in to wam weather and cool weather varieties. Arkansas Black is a keeper best stored in your fridge for 50-60 days and then eaten. I have a 2 year old whip of one of its seedlings (king David) and a 1 yr old Arkansas Black whip, among others, I also suggest a book called old Southern Apples by Lee Calhoun for an excellent education in southern Apple varieties.

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Check into the tree varieties offered by Guy Ames in Fayetteville. I think it's Ames Nursery and Orchard on Facebook although you can do a Google search for him as well. He specializes in low maintenance varieties and sells semi-dwarf trees shipped in the fall when they have the greatest chance of survival. I have 7 apple trees and 2 pears from him and they are practically bulletproof. I had one tree planted in the wrong place--my fault--that died from being too wet.

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