Will Day lilies Grow up through Snow in Summer Ground Cover

mary_maxMarch 13, 2014

Just wanted to know if day lilies will grow through the ground cover "Snow in Summer" (the perennial) . If not I need to remove the ground cover but thought it would be pretty if it would work with the day lilies. Thanks so much.

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Yes they will, but the snow in summer really likes full sun, so it may not survive except around the edges of the bed unless you don't plant the daylilies very densely.

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Oh that's so right. Thank you. Thank you! I did forget full sun for the ground cover. I appreciate your answer. I really think I better remove the groundcover and let the day lilies have the bed. I can use the groundcover in another bed. I may go out in a bit and do just that. Its a beautiful day today!

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