WANTED: Comfrey -- It's a Weed Until You Need It

ericaladyFebruary 12, 2007


I posted this already in Herbs, but since I need only dried leaves I thought I'd post here, too.

Comfrey is a big-leafed herb, also known as "boneset." It grows as a weed in many places. I'm looking for the medicinal herb "symphytum officinale," rather than Russian comfrey, if you are able to tell the difference.

My friend Ernie has a broken bone that still hasn't healed after 9 months (it was shattered & smashed pretty bad by a car, he's had 11 surgeries and has metal rods in it now.) We just got the OK from the doctor to try comfrey poultices, but of course it's not leafing locally right now.

If anyone in southern zones has it in leaf, or if anyone collected more than they needed last year, we sure could use it. Any amount -- to do regular poultices, we're talking bushels. The leaf has been recommended rather than the root for this purpose, but we'd be willing to try the root too.

We have some unusual dried plants to offer in exchange, as well as seeds:

-Oregon coastal myrtle sprigs, a tree that smells fantastic (like eucalyptus / bay / rose, with a hint of clove). It only grows fertile in a limited range on the Oregon coast, and in the Holy Land. The leaves are a subtle alternative to bay leaves for soups & stews, and also reputed to be good against fleas (you can sprinkle crushed leaves in your animal's bed, or in the bath).

-Ordinary herbs like rosemary, sage leaf, etc. are prolific here and could be harvested at any time.

-We have some heirloom red runner beans, ready to plant, bred for variety by Ianto Evans.

-A variety of flower, herb, & vegetable seeds -- many organically grown.

We're also happy to accept dried comfrey with a raincheck; ask us for something when you decide what you want, or when we have it growing here.



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Here is a link that might be useful: Friends of Ernie Wisner

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I have a plant - for ornamental value. If you still need some during growing season, let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: my trade list

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