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wildflower_2(z5ONT)July 8, 2007

Is anyone organizing a west end swap. We had such a got turn out for the spring swap, Maybe we can all meet again for the fall. I would attend.

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Well I'm in! I prefer the site we had at the Spring get together. It was a great turnout.

Would that be ideal again for everyone?

Not sure if Nadia is able to arrange the Fall one, if not maybe we can just work out a date and time?

Any suggestions or feedback from people?

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How about Sunday, September 16th for a starter date? 9 am.

I remember some people preferring the Sunday over Saturday because of work etc., and this doesn't conflict with the East End one Saturday and hopefully you'll get all your gardening needs over and done with on the one weekend??

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This is just my thought, but I dont think its a good idea to have the two exchange so close together.
I was thinking we could have it the week before, Sept. 9, Sunday. Let me know if anyone has any other ideas.
The same place we met in the spring is fine with me.

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Hi everyone!

Sunday Sept. 9 sounds great! Thank you so much for organizing. :)

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9th is fine by me. Wow 4 weeks away...where did summer go?

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hi, I live close to saralee...and usually have LOTS of plants needing good homes, the result of growing perennials in the same garden for 30 years...

I"d really like to come to the swap, if I"m well enough, and can tell a lot of other local gardeners about it...I'm wondering how many people here would be interested in hearing about local (to me, Etobicoke Lakeshore) gardening events/activities?
As far as plants go, I think I'll mainly be bringing lots of small perennial 'porcelainberry' plants... these become gorgeous climbers, with pretty variegated leaves and pink/turquoise/purple berries...apparently where the 'porcelain' monicker comes from...need sun...and reseed as well!
I also have a long list of plants I can offer, too tired to arrange this now...also collect tons of seed....
what I'd be looking for? hmmm...I"m crazy about lavender! and try to collect different kinds, to survive winter killoff as well as possible...all I can think of for now... oh yeah! short pink perennials or reseeders!

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Tailgater and Swap Circle

Firstly, what a great turn out we had in the West End this Spring and Im happy to have met many garden enthusiast since then, Barb T being one and Bo and Tamara hope you guys are out there and can make it too and of course all of you who came in the Spring and to Nadia for organizing that all. I hope we have many more show up for Fall, everyone is welcomed!

IÂm going to list pretty well the rules you had put out in the Spring, Nadia.

1. This swap is firstly a tailgater (meaning you can trade plants out of the back of your trunk).

2. No sales are allowed.

3. Pre-arranged trades ahead of time are welcome (individuals may email one another to make prearranged trades or you can do so on this site if you prefer)

4. Any garden-related item is welcomed at the trade, so not just seed packets and plants, bulbs, etc. but old tools, rocks, extra fertilizer, garden books/magazines, compost, etc. - is most welcome especially if you are new to these swaps and are just starting out but don't have a lot of plants/perennials to divide up and swap.

5. And the exciting part, the swap circle, which is always a surprise and was a BIG HIT this Spring. What you do is randomly place between 1-10 items in the circle which entitles you to take 1-10 items back in exchange. We sure had a whole lot more than that in the Spring and thanks to the generous donors.

The circle is where you'll find things you never knew you wanted or needed until you see it, and no one goes home until the circle is empty...that's the rule.

6. Time: 9 am to 11 am (rain or shine) Sunday, September 9, 2007.

The Fall Swap will be held at the same location, which is very convenient for folks in Mississauga, even Oakville, Milton/Brampton or further, all the GTA area, and whether you take the the 401 to the 427 to the QEW or come along the QEW either way, itÂs a short 15-20 minute drive from the majority of these areas at that time of the morning IÂm sure.

Exit the QEW at the KIPLING North Exit, make a RIGHT onto the Queensway, and the mall is right there on your right (Southeast corner of the Kipling/Queenway intersection).

Pull in and drive around to the back of the buildings until you are behind Zellers (far left side). You can either drive around the back where Swiss Chalet is (on the right) all the way to the other side, or you can drive around (the left of) the Zellers buildings which both take you to the back.

WeÂll meet along the fence there behind Zellers. Look for raised back ends and lots of plants but donÂt run any over!. You wonÂt miss us I promise.


(REAR OF) Zellers in The Kipling Queensway Mall
1255 The Queensway
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8Z 1S1
(416) 252-5475

You can mapquest the address at www.mapquest.com

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Please feelfree to post what you are looking forÂand what you may have to offer if you know what you plan to bring with you.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all then.

PS: As for me, if you're thinning out and should have any of these, IÂm looking for purple or white Irises, happy with any kind of bulbs or any low rise plants/flowers, even bishop weed and ferns! I have a variety of nice plants but I donÂt think I will ever come to remember their namesÂI will just bring them.

For any newbies I lined my trunk with plastic garbage bags and brought a box along with smaller bags too...sure helped to have something to carry stuff in and keep the trunk dirt free and plants from tipping.


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laine2(z4&5 Ontario)

Hi thanks for the date change Saralee maybe I will be
able to come and bring you some Purple Iris, If you let me
I'll mention the Eastend swap HeHe. xoxo Elaine from the
Kawartha Lakes

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Hi Elaine, oh you bet you can mention the east end one and any old one you want! I know lots of folks like to go to several and that is great. There are a lot of avid gardners so I hope more people join in and come out to more of these as word gets around.

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Thanks to Sara I'm looking forward to my first plant swap. I will be bringing Hostas, Snow in the Summer (Bishop or Gout Weed), Creeping Jenny (Charlie), Rose of Sharron, Shasta Daisy, Yellow Loosestrife, Creeping Flox, etc. Looking for spring bulbs, and any other perennials that I don't have, especially those flowering later in the summer and early fall.


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Hiya Bo, glad you can attend! I hope we get a good turnout next week. The Spring one is always more popular but still this is a great time of year to "thin out" even though plants may not look as appealing as they would in the Spring! LOL I will see what I can find in my garden...I know I have plenty of Fall Crocus (purple) and I'm sure I have some bulbs in there and other things I haven't had time to go through yet. There's three or four of us for sure coming plus Wildflower if she's still coming, and Nadia?...will have to see beyond that! ;~)

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Hi everyone,

I have a Rose of Sharon bush (about 3' tall) and an elderberry tree (about 5' tall) that I'd like to swap for something. Perhaps some phlox. Is anyone interested? If no one is interested, I won't dig them up.

See you all on Sunday!

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Nadia, you ran the Spring swap. Would you mind overseeing this when you get there Sunday?

My dad came down with what we thought was just a flu and overnight it turned critical. He is in ICU, totally unresponsive and I just don't know what's going to happen.

I don't want to cancel the swap as everyone is looking forward to it. It more or less takes care of itself as you know so please have a great exchange everyone and my apologies and hope to see you all again in Spring.


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Sara, of course I'll take care of the swap for you. Take care of your dad and yourself, and if you need anything at all, let me know.


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I'm so sorry I have to cancel my participation. I was really looking forward to it, but something came up this weekend and I can't possibly be there. If anyone wants any of the plants I mentioned in my earlier post you can email me and I'd be glad to meet you, show you what I have and we can dig out the plants you like together.

Happy plant swapping tomorrow.


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Hey kids...how did the swap go? Really sorry I missed it...dad's doing better...WEST NILE!! Can't believe a little bug had him fighting for his life. Recouping but slowly.

Will catch you all in the Spring again. Looking forward to that.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

another spring swap is maybe being planned.

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