HAVE: Tons of Seeds for Oil Paints and Nicholas Sparks Books

butterflychaser(z7)February 1, 2006

I have lots of seeds to trade. However I'm not looking for other seeds in exchange as I have way more than I'll ever use anyway.

I'd trade my seeds for oil painting supplies if possible. I do the Bob Ross style painting mostly. I use just about any kind of oil paints. I'm not picky about brands.

I'd also trade for these books by Nicholas Sparks:

The Rescue

The Wedding

A Bend in the Road

True Believer

I'd also trade for the DVDs of Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember and other romance or comedy DVDs that I don't already have.

Here are the seeds I have to trade. Most packages contain 20 or more seeds (some contain 100 or 1000 or more). A few contain only 5 or 10 seeds but I've tried to note those.

African Daisy Dimorphotheca sinuata

Amaranthus  Celosia Cristata  Cockscombs (burgundy)

Amaranthus  Celosia Plumosa  PrinceÂs Feathers (Fuscia)

Amaranthus  Celosia Plumosa  Fuscia Clusters

Amaranthus  Celosia Plumosa  PrinceÂs Feathers (Yellow)

Amaranthus Caudatus  Love Lies Bleeding

Anagallis Monelli  Blue Pimpernel




Bellamcanda  Blackberry Lily, Leopard Lily

Bells of Ireland  Molucella Laevis

Blackeyed Susans

California Poppies

Campsis Radicans  Orange Trumpet Vine

Canna Seeds (5 seeds per package):

Red Stripe

Robert Kemp

Unknown (could be a mix or just one kind that I forgot to label when I gathered)

Centaurea  Bachelor Buttons  mix

Clarkia double mix

Cleome Serrulata  Rocky Mtn Bee Plant

Cleome  Rose Queen


Sweet Autumn (fall blooming white)

Mix of Pink, purple, and white

Collinsia Heterophylla  Chinese Houses

Columbines (Aquilegia): (20 seeds per package)

Caerulea  Rocky Mountain

Double Purple

Single Purple

Lavender-Pink and White bi color

Short Pink

McKana Giant mix


Cosmos  Seashells

Cosmos - Daydreams

Crepe Myrtle  seeds gathered from Candystriped crape myrtle (may or may not come true from seed)

Cuphea Ignea  Cigar Plant  15 seeds

Cypress Vine  Red  20 seeds

Datura (DevilÂs Trumpets, aka Angels Trumpets):

Lilac  white with purple center

Belle Blanche  Moonflower  huge fragrant white bloom

Daylilies: (10 seeds per pack)

Blackeyed Stella

Happy Returns

Buried Treasure

Purple with Green Throat (might be Hamlet) Â 7 seeds

Beautiful Lt Orange (maybe Leeba Orange Crush) Â 8 seeds

Butterscotch Ruffles  6 seeds



Annual pinks

Barbatus  Sweet William

DutchmanÂs Pipe Vine (5 seeds)

Echinacea  Magnus Coneflower

Formosa Lily  Trumpet Lily  huge fragrant white blooms

Four Oclocks - Yellow



Excelsior Mix

Dwarf Foxy Mix

Apricot Beauty

Gaillardia  Indian Blanket:

Arizona Sun


Gilia Tricolor  Birds Eyes

Gloriosa Daisy  Red and Yellow


Birdhouse  10 seeds

Kettle  15 seeds

Canteen  12 seeds


Japanese Variegated

Purple Fountain  Eaton Canyon

Hesperis Matronalis  DameÂs Rocket - Violet


Moschuetos  Large white blooms with magenta center

Southern Belle  Pink




Alcea Rosea  Indian Spring Mix

Assorted Mix


Lt Delicate Pink

Dk Pink

Single Bright Pink


Frances Williams

Golden Tiarra

Iris  Siberian  mix of blues and purples

Koelreuteria Paniculata  Golden Rain Tree



Giant Imperial

Liatris Spicata  Gayfeather, Blazing Stars, purple

Ligularia Tussilagnea aureomaculata  leopard plant


Grandiflorum rubrum - Scarlet

Perenne lewisii - Blue

Lotus corniculatus  Birds foot trefoil (not the aquatic lotus plant)


Coronaria  Rose Campion

Chalcedonica  Maltese Cross


Crackerjack mix

Dwarf French Mix

Safari Red


Mexican Hats  Ratibida Columnaris  Red and Yellow bicolor

Mint - Apple


Blue Stocking, Herb scented leaves

White, Pineapple Scented leaves

Citriodora  Lemon Mint

Morning Glories: (10 seeds each or more)

Tri-lobed, ivy leafed blue

ClarkeÂs Heavenly Blue

Crimson Rambler

Grandpa Otts

Milky Way

Mix of purple, pink, blue, and white

Nasturtiums Jewel Mix


Maculata  Five spot

Menziesii  Baby Blue Eyes

Nigella Damascena Persian Jewels mix

Painted Daisy Mix  Chysanthemum Carinatum

Pardancanda  Candy Lily mix

Perilla  Shiso  beautiful purple leafed, coleus-like herb, scented leaves

Phlox Drummondi mix

Poppies Mix of doubles and singles

Sage  herb


Coccinea - Scarlet Sage

Farincea  Blue Bedder Sage

Silene Armeria  Catchfly

Snapdragons  Perennial tall pink

Snapdragons  Linaria Maroccana  Northern Lights mix

Spanish Blue Bells  mix of white and blue

Stachys  Lambs Ears

Sunflowers - Teddy Bear

Tithonia  Mexican Sunflower

Touch Me Nots  Impatiens Balsam  Garden Balsam


Tenulsecta  Moss verbena

Bonariensis  Candlestick

Viola Tricolor  Johnny Jump Ups


California Giants


Green Envy

If interested, let me know in your first email what you have to trade and what you want from me. Then we'll see what we can work out.

Thank you for looking.

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