Blueberries with a Pear tree??

acw2355March 23, 2009

I am converting an older perennial bed to some edible landscaping. I'm wondering if blueberries will go well with a pear tree. I know both grow well in this area but wondering if they will be good 'companions' in same bed.

The long narrow bed is about 5' deep and 25' long and currently has perennials in it. It faces south but does get later afternoon shade due to my neighbor's Douglas Fir trees on the west. I'd say after 4 pm it is open shade.

I plan to tear out the older Cistus purpea (on their last legs) and also tear out a Buddlia which I'm told is now on the noxious weed list for our area.

I purchased a semi-dwarf Barlett pear which I would like to espalier on a trellis and then use the blueberries ("Chippewa" and "Toro" varieties) as a low hedge in front of the espaliered pear.

Any design ideas to share?

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A few thoughts: Once established pears do not need regular water, but can get by on deep watering. The blueberries will need regular water especially during fruit set. This may be a minor point. Apart from that they seem as though they would be good companions. The hedge would need to be small enough that you can reach across to harvest the pears. I like your design concept.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks. Good reminder on the watering needs.

I will use the pear tree as a speciman, espaliered on a trellis. Not sure whether to put it in front of or behind the blueberry hedge which won't be more than 4' high. There will a space to stand in between hedge and pear tree should I choose to place tree behind the hedge but the more I think about it it would make sense to place tree and trellis in front of hedge.

I will use a soaker hose for the blueberries when they need more water.

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kyrsyan(z7 AL)

Blueberries need acidic soil to do well. Will pears do ok with that?

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Here is what the Arbor Day Foundation website states:

"The Bartlett pear grows best in slightly acidic, deep, heavy, moist, but well drained soil. Other soil types are tolerated, but may produce a lighter crop. Pear trees are especially sensitive to salt."

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kyrsyan(z7 AL)

Cool! They should do well then.

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