My Russian Pomegranates

rcnaylor(z7 Tex)March 26, 2013

I've posted here before on my "Russian" pomegranates (no better varietal info when purchased).

The climate warming issue and zone creep seems to have finally helped me get some results. I planted them probably in 2004. Had kept them in pots before that.

Several winters they died back to the ground. Several years a freeze got the fruit.

But, the last 2 years they didn't die back and last year I got a five gallon bucket full of fruit! It was good. Compared to the "Wonderful" variety in most stores I would say it was sweeter and a little less tart.

So far this winter I would say they haven't frozen back. Though, they haven't budded out here yet so don't know for sure. Hopefully they have gotten a little acclimatized on when to come out here?

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Texas is notorious for having late freezes; and that is your enemy. The root system is now well established so if the plant dies back a little; it will still survive.

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Where exactly are your trees-- north, east, west, or south side of your house? Are you in the northern or western part of zone 7? How long has it been since they last froze? My Wonderful pomegranate seems to fruit on wood at least two years old. Thank you.
I'm on the south side of dfw. My Wonderful pomegranate is planted 10 to 15 feet south of the south side of the house in the fenced in back yard, so a protected area. It has been in the ground for 10-15 years. When it was about 3 years old, it froze back to the ground once or twice, but nothing has phazed the tree since then.

The birds decided the green fruit was good in the drought a couple of years back and have kept coming back for more. This year I will put on bird netting before they get started.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I was able to overwinter a dwarf pomegranate in a sheltered area in zone 5 with a thick mulch. Despite some freeze damage, I had flowers on the bush the next season. For the following winter, I dug the plant and brought into the house and killed it.

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