WANTED: Wanted Grafting Tools and Suplies

georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)February 6, 2008

Hi all, I'm looking for some good Grafting tools and

suplies, If your looking to sell them or give them away just let me know. I started a small home Orchard last year, and will be doing some grafting in another year or so, but I wanted to try and find

some inexpencive grafting knives, cutters, wax, and tape or wrapping, so that I will have every thing ready when I do start grafting and will have them on hand when I want to practice. You can email me at my Yahoo address or answere this post, Thank you.

George W. Z5-6 Mo

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Depending on the grafting you are doing, you should be able to get all/most of the supplies relatively cheaply at a hardware store. I use masking tape and parafin wax for most of my bench grafts. The knife i use is just a basic utility knife with the snap off blade from the hardware store. I also have used parafilm for some of my grafts. Though Parafilm is expensive in whole rolls, I usually find it online (ebay) in short segments--a few feet for a couple of dollars. People have been grafting plants for millenia, having good tools is helpful, but specialized tools aren't necessary.

Good Luck!

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georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)

Hi and thank you, I figured that I could go that way rather cheaply, but wasn't sure. I had heard that you could use black electrisions tape as it was more weather proof and that candle wax was pretty good as it was a bit softer than pure parafilm wax, as it has bees wax in it. I can see using a good box knife as you would have a readly sharp blade all the time.
George W. Z5-6

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I graft avocados and I use an exacto knife. I take out the blade that comes with it and use disposable razors. I think they are called schick injector blades. I put the blade in and angle it slightly. I also use clear grafting tape. The parafilm is too time consuming. Parafilm is almost impossible to use in the winter. The parafilm gets too cold and won't stretch. For avocados, it's not necessary.

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