window boxes on this house?

rigelcaj(z5 VT)March 8, 2013

I hope this is the right place to post this, since I've seen some gorgeous window box pictures here. I'm having my front living room windows replaced this year, with three double hungs like the other front windows, and am thining about putting a trough windowbox under each (and maybe also under the front porch windows as well). Hopefully there's a picture of my house attached - the windows to be replaced are on the shed part of the house. (Sorry it's a little dark!) Begonias love it there.

What do you think? I already water there daily in summer, so that should be a non-issue. I'd love a second floor box as well, but watering that would be a pain, because the screens don't slide up, so I'm trying to resist. :(

Anyone have a source for good troughs? The reviews on the Gardeners Supply ones are mixed...


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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

Oops, my house disappeared when I edited. Take 2!

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aviastar 7A Virginia

I'm no master gardener, but strictly from a visual standpoint- how tall do the plantings in your beds get? It looks like a tight fit between the tops of your bed plants and the bottoms of your windows.

If you were going to set the window box's bottom level with the window sill, and there was a visual break between that and the bed plantings, I would do it. I would still probably then choose plants that grow 'up' rather than drape over.

If you were going to set the window box's top level with the window sill, and the box would dip behind or be level with your other plants, I would skip it. I think eliminating that visual gap between the beds an the windows will make the house look a little squatty.

If you want to vertical with your visual impact, maybe some hanging baskets at the corners of the porch section or a climber around the new windows?

Adorable house!

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You house is so nice - perfect for having window boxes.

For the ground level windows:
I agree with AviaStar in that you need some space between the bottom of your window boxes and the plants growing up from the ground below them or the impact would be lost - they will just blend in with the plants on the ground.

You may have already figured that out, but we just thought we ought to say something.

For the upstairs windows:
You can buy long handled watering wands like they use in greenhouses, but they might be pricey. Dunno.

Of course, you can make one if you are handy with a welding torch and have some hollow, lightweight tubing pipe the same diameter as the wand. - Buy a watering wand. Use a torch to cut off the wand leaving some of the handle pipe. Then wield the new pipe extension onto the wand handle and attach the wand to the other end. It will work.
If you have a wielder, it would be a snap!

Our shop is wired for a wielder, but I don't own one, unfortunately. If I did, I can think of LOTS of things I would "attempt" to create and repair here on the "ranch".

Otherwise, yes, you would have to water through the windows.

I think window boxes would look great though. Green boxes would look pretty against your white house all year round.

That's my two cents worth of ideas on the subject. (LOL)


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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Your house is so perfect for cottage charm! I love the idea but agree with the above posters! If you do choose to do them, I bought mine at a local nursery for about $12.99 if I recall and the brackets were like $6 at home depot, just a thought that you don't have to pay the high prices online. :)

I kinda think a hanging basket hanging from each side of the porch ( in front of the window divide?) would be nice too ! I like to use baskets by my windows that attract humming birds for an extra dose of nature. ,up close.

I hope you post pictures when you are done! I adore window boxes! So much charm !

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I bought self watering window boxes.And glad I did hot temps last year. And No rain. Dh made them so can take down easy.All ways doing something to old house.See if I can fine picture.It will before we painted.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Had to water a lot.Replaced these with self watering window boxes.New ones are plastic -had to paint these about every 2 years

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I love your window boxes and the shepherd's hook and red rose arbors, too. Goes perfectly with your charming all-American house. The white brackets add to the beauty of your window boxes. Very pretty, and the red geraniums are striking.
Love all your Americana things. (she's a Grand Old Flag...)


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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

Those window boxes (and gardens!) are so pretty. This picture is just the sort of thing that got me thinking about window boxes anyway.

However, you've convinced me to rethink the project. No, there absolutely won't be a gap between the boxes and the plantings. That bed has a rhodie in the middle (at least for the moment), a bunch of pink tulips and muscari, followed by pink bleeding hearts, solomon's seal, lily of the valley (that, at least, is short!) and hostas. I add begonias in the summer. The new windows will actually be a bit lower than the old - they'll be about the same height from the ground as the porch windows. Nope, no gap at all.

I love the hanging basket idea though. I'm not sure I can find a 3/4 shade climber, but have a crook kicking around the garage somewhere, along with a very cool ornate white basket. Nothing like a basket full of fushia!

Thanks, all!

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I bought these window boxes on E-Bay.But DH had to do lot of work to them made of Uncured lumber.Meaning they split.So he took pattern and made them again.And I use lot of USA flag all over yard.Some we made our self. Go to craft store -couldn't find any made in USA.Oldest Son was in Mid East over 20 times.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

rigelkaj - on a practical point. It rather looks as if there are tall trees on the left hand side which would cast shade. If you were wanting all your window boxes to look the same ie same plants and same rate of growth that shade might present problems.

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

Thanks, Flora.

I love practical points! The cedars on the corner of the house are gone. I wish the guy who cut them for me would have left the stumps like we did for the other two clumps (maybe a little redneck to use stumps for pots of geraniums, but it gives them height! :) ), but he didn't. With them there, that bed was impossibly shady.

I do think I'll pass on the boxes though, at least for now.

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