Japanese Knot Weed

bullsieMarch 11, 2008

While not the nicest landscaping plant due to its 'takeover' characteristics, it is here and everywhere - western Pennsylvania. I have been told it is edible - or at least parts of it are edible. Has anyone heard this or know?


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Here's what the Nature Conservancy says:

Young shoots up to one foot in height can be harvested early in the spring, then steamed or boiled for four to five minutes and served like asparagus. Slightly older stems can be used to make a rhubarb-like jam by peeling and boiling the sour rind with sugar and pectin.

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From what I understand, itadori (the Japanese name for it) can be used in tea (roots, not leaves) and is supposed to be high in the anti-aging and cancer preventative chemical, resveratrol.

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I've been taking Resveratrol for a while and notice great results. Family and friends say I look younger and I did not mention I was taking anything.

This is the real deal!

I came across a review website for the top 3 resveratrol supplements

Here is a link that might be useful: www.the-resveratrol-reviews.com

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