HAVE: Plastic Nursery Pots

athirkFebruary 9, 2010

Hi all,

I have several plastic nursery pots ranging in size from 4" to 6" or so. Anybody interested? I'm located in North Seattle.

Things I'm interested in if anyone has them to share:

-supplies to help fertilize and/or fight diseases/pests for rhodies, azaleas, camelias, photinia and/or bamboo

-electric/handheld hedger (got clippers already)

-large pots for shrubs/trees

-bulb digger

-soil ammendments


-supplies to help transplanting and growing cuttings




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txaggiegirl(TX 8b)

Hi, Ashley...I am looking for 3 and 4 inch used nursery pots...how many do you have? I know from previous trades that 25 to 50 can be put into a good-sized parcel post box and shipped economically. A lesser number than that raises the costs considerably....

I have a lot of the things that you listed since I run a small growing operation...however, also from experience, a lot of those items do not prove to be an economical trade due to the shipping costs...but I also have any number of items for growing cuttings such as fine clippers, hormone power and fish oil..and I am pretty sure that I have a bulb digger.

But I also have an extensive listing of plants that I sell on-line and I would be happy to send the lists to you via email...most of my plants are perennial to zone 8, 8b and 9...

My direct email is maryannsmith@vvm.com...and the list for me on this site is highly out of date and inaccurate.

Thanks, MaryAnn

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