When will this look good?

spunky_MA_z6(Boston)March 22, 2005

Hi all,

I am just starting to learn about edible landscape and am hoping to install a potager garden.

I saw this bag of strawberries on Park Seeds, and the idea appeals to me, but the bag is very ugly to my eye. How long would it be before the bag is covered with berries? I don't want to be looking at the bag for long--it will probably be in my front yard, where it is sunniest. Is there any other kind of container like this, that I can grow them off the ground, but is more formal looking--maybe out of wire or aluminum/iron? Thank you so much for any pointers.


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

There are terracotta strawberry urns you can buy. These have side holes with lips to allow the plants to protrude out the sides. They come in several sizes and maybe a plastic terra cotta version too. The bags at most are a gimmick and I doubt if you will get many berries unless they are a really good producing plant type. Besides that, if they are June bearing types, the most you will see is green leaves and only a short time of berries. If its an everbearing type, you might see a longer season. Either can also send out runners that will just hang there if the bag is suspeded. They will never survive or root, because the runners have no way to root into soil. Rotting can also occur near the bottom of the bag due to the settling of moisture unless there is good drainage. Strawberry plants, to be healthy and good producers need about a foot of space between each plant, and this is something you cannot offer when they are all bunched in a bag.

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Thank you! I will definitely pass on the bags then. I have seen the strawberry pots, but was hoping for something hanging.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

You may do better with just a few hanging pots with one or two plants in each. They do like to hang over the sides, but if your looking for decent berry production, they will not off that. In any event, add bone meal to the soil mix, so that it will increase blossoms and fruiting.

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thanks! i think i will.

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