What can I grow with/beneath blueberries?

kdackerMarch 19, 2009

I'm going to plant a bunch of blueberry bushes in a 5' by 40' stretch of land with good sun that leads to my front door.

I want to plant some shorter plants near the blueberries that will finish off the stretch to look more like it's been landscaped than a farm.

Ideally the plants would like the same acidic soil, not crowd out the blueberries, look good and potentially be edible (that's not required though...beauty trumps function here).

I was thinking about lingonberries with blueberries, but I've read they have a strong spreading habit. Any suggestions out there?


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kyrsyan(z7 AL)

What about cranberries? They grow in acidic soil.

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I going to try wild huckleberries under my rabbiteyes. Both have the same soil requirements but the huckleberries prefer some shade.


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strawberries also are a good pairing with blueberries

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I grow Garden sorrel under my blueberries, they like acid also. I like the contract between the different color greens and it is a perrenial in my zone. I was going to grow cranberries or ligonberries but I read that they are shallow-rooted like the blueberries so i thought that there would be too much water and surface area competition. Look for something with deep roots like Sorrel or Strawberries.

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Contact the horticulturists at Raintree Nursery (in Washington state but they're online too) and they'll have good ideas that are safe. I would have recommended cranberries too, because of the acidity... but I don't know what works with the shallow root system of blueberries. They've "got everything" and are very nice.

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I read in an European gardening book that heathers make a good companion plant for blueberries. They do have the same/similar requirements and I like that the REAL heather is useful for tea and as medicine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heather specialists

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