Is Malva sylvestris edible?

aubadeMarch 24, 2009

Hi All

I'm trying to add edible perennial flowers to my potager this year. I've got the typical nasturtiums, signet marigolds, calendula, etc, but am also looking to plant common mallow. Problem is, I've read on some sites it is edible and some sites that it is poisonous. Specifically, Malva sylvestris 'Mystic Merlin' .

Here it is listed on the FDA poisonous plants list:

Here it is listed as edible: (except when grown on nitrogen rich soils)

Does anyone know definitively, is it edible or not?

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listenstohorses(6 & 8)

I have seed of Malva "Zebrina". I have no idea about it though other than it looks pretty on the package and I have not yet gotten any to survive the hazards here.

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I'm not sure. I looked it up and it is a pretty plant. Just in case you don't already know: our locally hardy hollyhocks have a similar look and are supposed to be edible, and the hardy hibiscus, too, I think. One of my favorite edibles that was growing wild in our yard is the purple poppy mallow, not a Malva, and low-growing, with nutty tasting root & tasty leaves & pretty flower.

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listenstohorses(6 & 8)

I am looking up purple poppy mallow now. Just what little you said about it, made it appealing to me.

I have several "projects areas" and am allways looking for edibles that are pretty. Sometimes I will buy just pretty at a weak moment.

I do try to plant things that will grow back with little to no help. Today in the mail I got some evergreen onions. I have a large patch of walking onions already so I should have onions for life.

What I do in zone 8 will eventually be moved away from. The house in zone 6 will be for our retirement in just a few years. After all my foals are born I will head north to start growing.

I have some artichokes from seed in pots here that are a couple of months old. I plan to plant some at both places and hope for the best.

I also have some asparagus from seed up. I know it will be simpler to just buy crowns when I get ready but it is fun to play around.

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Malva sulvestris grows in our area in three forms .a)erect big leaf variety b) prostrate with medium size leaf and c) prostrate small leaf variety. a and b varieties are cultivated and are useful vegetables. Malva and sorrel is the spring season vegetable combination . No health hazzards have been reported till todate.

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