Osterized - Davisson - Do you grow it?

Julia NY(6)March 20, 2013

I was wondering if anyone grows this one and what is your experience with it? Does it bloom true to Judy's pics of it?

Thanks. Still snowing here :-(. Spring will not come to NYS for awhile yet.


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Sorry, Julia, I don't. Hers are really beauties, aren't they?

We are having up and down springlike weather, then a night time freeze, then it warms up some. We have actually been in the 70s a couple of times. Jean and I are both trying to get our beds ready for spring. It is coming.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Thats one thing I've come to appreciate about Judy's daylilies they do look like the photos. While I don't have Osterized. I do have many other of her dormants and they perform very well for me up here.

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It doesn't bloom polymerous that often here, but regardless the blooms are still imposing. We've had a lot of drought, however, and I suspect those who get ample rain or are able to water more than I do might see more poly blooms. I'd guess that there are only 3-4 poly blooms each year.

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I bought Osterized originally because it was supposedly polymerous. It rarely produces poly blooms here * (maybe 1-2%, over several years), but I still grow it because I love the plant and the flower.

(* disclaimer: most polymerous daylilies that I have grown (and I have grown many, both dip and tet) do not perform to published specs here...)

The foliage is dormant and a beautiful deep green; I cannot recall having ever seen leaf streak or rust on it (not that we see much rust). The flowers are large, beautiful, fragrant, and always open well.

Although it is not a rebloomer, the clump is in bloom long enough (and is spectacular enough) to earn its spot in my garden - from shortly before June 1st, to shortly after July 1st (in the San Francisco Bay Area). I always look forward to the start of bloom, and mourn when the bloom period comes to an end - which is not something that I can say for many others of my daylilies.

A final comment... my clump is not at "ground level", but rather in a raised bed (about 18" high). I enjoy the flowers there eye to eye. I might feel differently about it if it were at ground level, but I have no plans at present to move it there!

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Polymerous, If you're in zone 9B, you probably can't grow a lot of northern bred plants, but Don Herr's STAR POLY blooms poly almost ALL the time. It is either registered at 95% or 90% poly and last season, I didn't see a bloom that wasn't poly!

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Iv'e grown Osterized for several years. I only get a few polly blooms a year. The plant is a very good grower.

I dont water established clumps and it has been hot and dry here , so if we got more precipitation i would probably get more polly blooms.

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@floota - Thanks for that info re STAR POLY. A couple of years ago I decided to move the garden to mostly tets, and that includes the polys, so I have not kept up on the dip polys.

@joespider - My OSTERIZED clump is in a raised bed which gets daily irrigation. Over several years' observation, the best that it has done poly-wise has been 1-2%. (In general, I agree that the amount of water does have an effect on how many polymerous blooms a plant produces, but that does not seem to be the case with OSTERIZED. I suspect that there are other factors at work there - and with a seedling of mine - which hopefully I can find the time and energy to investigate.)

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