WANTED: Plant Labels / markers

woodsidetrader(PA/6)March 22, 2007

I am looking for ways to mark plants in the garden.

Got some nice markers that work well for trees and shrubs since they attach to the plant. Really need a good way to identify things that start inside ( esp when starting several varieties of toms, peppers, petunias, etc). So it has to be something that will fit in the flat until the plants go out but strong enough to last the entire season in the garden.

We tried making markers from mini blinds and they just don't hold up - either get stepped on and broken or just fade to the point they can't be read.

Let me know if you have an idea to share or some type of marker to trade.


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I have tried so many things for marking my plants, and for out in the garden I herd you can use small diamiter pvc pipe and write on them with paint pens. I have not yet tried this but I plan to. for small pots and flats I reuse plastic markers.
sorry I can't help more but I have tried
wooden markers
painted wooden markers
minni blinds
plastic forks
small plastis plant markers
popsickle sticks
I was going to try to make some fired clay markers but I have not had time to run the klin.
if you know anyone that dose pottery you might want to ask them if they can make you some.
good luck if you find any good ideas please let me know

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Sent you an email about aluminum plant markers we make and would be will to send.


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