WANTED: Compost worms

mtgs(6)March 13, 2011

Does anyone have any compost worms. I have many seeds to trade.

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I Have Red Wigglers that I will trade. What Seeds do you have?

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I know this is an old post, but I have purchased red worms at local fishing shops. Don't know if they are the regular eisinia f. but they did the job. I got a small container of 50 or so for under $4. The mulitply quickly.

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Thanks for the input, socks. I am in 77573 and would like to get started worm composting again. I'll try a local bait shop, hope to find them.

I had such a beautiful worm bin in my old place. But I'm afraid of buying them online because back when I was new at it, I paid for 2000 eisenia foetida and got a box full of pot worms and 7 actual red wigglers. I carefully nurtured the pot worms for 6 months and they never grew or turned pink. I had carefully sifted out the red worms I did get and kept them in a countertop bin in my kitchen, where they proliferated into a 22 gallon bin over several months. this is how I realized the pot worms were not baby red worms like the seller insisted. I never got a refund but I learned a lot about worms.

Today I just don't have the money to throw at a box of commercially produced worms. I'm on a tight budget being between real jobs so need to be creative.

I want Eisenia foetida, and would like to trade in the Clear Lake area if anyone has an excess of red worms and need some garden soil or photography work done. I'm an amateur but I have a nice camera and people have said I have a good eye. I can also burn photo discs so you can keep the originals and print whatever pictures you want.

I have a big truck and could bring over a big load of sandy loam/compost garden soil for a gallon of sifted worms if anyone around here has worms and wants dirt. (local only, of course, with gas prices today!) I think I will get emails if anyone responds to this post, but feel free to contact me directly if interested.

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