Currants, serviceberries and other berries for Texas?

crickettooMarch 9, 2013

I've recently become interested in incorporating more edible landscaping into my yard. Do any of you know if Red or black currants, serviceberries, or gooseberries will grow in North Texas? i cannot find any information about them locally. Thanks so much.

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Gooseberries grow best in summer humid, cool regions with great winter chilling, it does like morning sun, afternoon part-shade and buoyant air circulation. They are most productive in full sunlight but the leaves sunburn easily under California conditions. They can be grown in the high shade of fruit trees such as persimmon or on the north side of buildings. American gooseberry are much more sun tolerant. Plants collapse quickly when soil or air temperature exceeds 85ð F.

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I've never seen those in North Texas. If you are looking for edible bushes, try dewberries, thornless blackberies, and trellising grapes.

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Like the first poster said, blackberries and dewberries. If your soil is acid, you could plant blueberries.

Not berries, but if your soil is sandy, you might be able to naturalize some of the native sand plums. The tree/bushes aren't real big, although they will clump from what I've seen by the roadside. Have fig, jujube, and pomegranate in the backyard, and yaupon holly (for pretty and for tea) and althea (for pretty although it can be for tea) in the front. Some of this you can get away with not watering... much... and some of this you will have to Water in the summer. Keep us posted. :-)

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