HAVE: Error: so I'm reposting my trade list

darrylenes(z5 ON)January 1, 2010

Hi everyone:

It seems my earlier trade list wasn't quite updated thanks to the computer glitch. So I've retyped it alllllll again and am posting once again. (should be 40+ Haves). Hope it works this time! Thanks and my apologies.


p.s. to anyone allready in contact with me...have another look you might see something else you like, I'll hold off sending packages for a few days!)

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I'd like to do a trade. If you have some
coreopsis tripteris
cranesbill, fuschia
cranesbill, maroon colour "Widows Tear"
campanula/white and mauve mix
coral bells/heuchera, 'palace purple'
clematis, 'elsa spathe'
feverfew/ tanaceten
hibiscus, white/fuschia centre
lemon balm
liatris/gayfeather, mauve and white mix
lupin, mauve
echinacea/coneflower - 'magnus',
rudbeckia triloba P
rudbeckia herbston Autumn Glow
Grape, coral fringe, Fluffy Ruffles, Danish Flag
primrose, English, yellow
yarrow/achillea, cerise

From your wanted list I have to offer

-marigold - white and dwarf (French) varieties
-morning glory
-hollyhock, red
-hollyhock pink

winter squashes
-peanut squash
-acorn squas
-butternut squash

oriental veggies for stirfry,
-Bok Choy
-and maybe Daikon Radish

-Gaint Alantic Pumpkin
-zuchini green
-yellow crookneck squash
-spinach Bloomsdale
-parsley moss curled
-stinging nettle
-wormwood absinthium
-chinese woad

Let me know if you are interested in a trade

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darrylenes(z5 ON)

Hi everyone:
Just to let you know.....8 seed trades in the mail today.
Still looking for pole beans, culinary herbs and oriental poppies especially. I'll be taking lemon balm off my list of offerings.....looks like more chafe than seed.

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