HAVE: Hand Painted ceramic tiles, pots & Mailboxes...

ladybarber101(9a)March 26, 2007

Im guaging interest in trading for the hand-painted

items below:

12x12 ceramic tiles / Painted with acrylic paint and glossed with a clearcoat sealant. Great for use of hanging decor, accents in beds, tabletops for pots to sit on.. Lots of ideas just no time to finish them all before I get to wanting to paint again..

Galvanized planers with the holes pre-drilled / Let your imagination run they are pretty big so Im not sure about shipping cost..but if your local will gladly let you pick up

Mailboxes / Standard regulation size

I have two Im working on now that are metal that has a solid coat of green paint on them so Im not sure on finish time. I can get other types & styles too..

I have alot of room left for plants and great ideas for starting new beds so throw it at me if you think I may be interested my mind isnt even made up yet so you never know what i will take..LOL

Things I am definately interested in are named daylilies, passion flower vines, cape honeysuckle vine, named cannas I dont have, palms, hmmm

Garden stuff I love dragon flies, butterflies, bamboo, rought iron decor, big wind chimes, fairy statues (especially the green tarnished looking ones)..

I dont know ask me Im up for trading some things out..

Donna / Jacksonville, Fl

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Sorry I forgot to post pictures of examples of my work.

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llbean(z5 MI)

Just a question, do you ever do water lilies, or frogs, dragonflies? I am just wondering, I have an area where I would like to hang some tiles. I love your work and was wondering if you do custom? I have many trumpet vines that are 10 plus years old if you are interested?

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I emailed you back but hadnt recieved a letter back from you. Are you still interested? I can work on some designs if you are..

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Have you ever painted the small tiles? I am interested in learning how to do ivy on tiles for my kitchen which is finished except for the tile areas.

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Barbara, I hand painted tiles for my kitchen trim. I painted some morning glories that turned out pretty. and have a few left over. However, I can't figure out how to post a photo to this message. Any suggestions of how to?

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I have 3 burning bushes,lots of seeds,organic fish hydrolysate fertilizer,homemade lye soap,bulb planter,
Could you do anyhing with horses or western type design on it? How about John Deere? I like the galvanised tubs.Can you use them outside? All of your stuff looks great !!

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