Wild Chives

bubbalove(7 Central AL)March 14, 2010

Here in Central Alabama they seem to grow in everyone's yard. I dug up a bunch today and cleaned them up, munching on a few right now with a bit of sea-salt.

I was wondering how wild they are. Did Europeans bring them over?

Any good recipes? I'm not a cook but was thinking maybe cream of onion soup?


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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

"I was wondering how wild they are. Did Europeans bring them over?"

Well, it all depends.... There are native onion family plants that look like chives, and can taste oniony, or sometimes a little garlicy. Just one of them - Allium canadense. See the link, and then search further. Flowers are very similar to chives, also.

On the other hand, the standard 'store-bought' chives (Allium schoenoprasum) are from Europe, and were brought over in the 1600s. And anywhere they were planted, they seed in and spread, and so on and so on....

Could be either one, or some other cousin. All are edible. If they taste good, enjoy! The leaves aren't much more than a flavoring, but if you're digging the bulbs, recipes just depend on how strong the taste is. If they are mild, stick them in salads or in with other veggies. If they are a mite stronger, soup might be a great option, if you have enough of them.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bubbalove(7 Central AL)

Thanks Linda,
Looks just like in the pic. I'll try them in a soup when the veggies start coming in.

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How do you tell if they are wild chives, and not one of the poisonous look-alikes?

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What "poisonous look-alikes" do you mean? Anyway, I don't know of anything that has that distinctive onion or garlic smell that's poisonous.

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