Bareroot season - What new Edibles are you getting?

modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)March 12, 2003

Hi everybody, The daffodils are out and bareroot edibles are in the nurseries.

I found a nice selection of blueberries 4-year old plants at the local nursery for $7.50 each, so I got 3. My choices were Berkeley, Bluecrop, and Earliblue. I know the flavors of the first two, but Earliblue is new for me. Got a big bag of ready-mixed acid soil mix, and planted my new babies the same day.

Also acquired York and Nova elderberries (Sambucus canadensis) and jostaberries recently.

What new edibles are you getting this season? We're waiting to hear .... Delina

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planting_paradise(z6 TN)

We're just starting our edible landscape. I've got blueberries, tayberries, honeysuckle, tabasco peppers, and grapes all in pots on my kitchen table right now. I'm sooooo excited!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Red Currants. I have two older bushes already but just had to have move so ordered for spring. They have newer varieties now that were not available years ago when my old bushes were planted.

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mike_stubbs(8, Bastrop, TX)

Herbs and a Pear tree to go with the three peaches that I planted last year.

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pattilacy(z8 TX)

Well, we got a Ranger Peach, a Morris Plum, a Bruce plum, an Alma Fig, and a Hachiyna Persimmon, some blackberry bushes and adding some more fig trees from rooted cuttings.

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meilie(z7 MD)

Make sure you plant your fig tree where you want to leave it. I had to dig up part of my black fig tree, Boy was that a job! The tap root was about 4 feet down in the clay and I only managed to get the first 3 feet or so. My yard is a bit too cool for the fruits to ripen before frost hits, so maybe I'll build a greenhouse over it. . . .

I may consider a pair of paw paw if I can only sample the fruit first to decide.

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ezawada(z9 CA Livermore)

Got and planted :
2 Pluots, 2 Pears, 2 Apples, Plum, Apricot, Cherry, 4in1 Asian Pear, 4in1 fruit cocktail, Hardy Kiwi, and 4 Figs.

Most all have already broken dormancy !! EZ

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Onecent(Z6 WA)

Almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts, hardy pecan, heartnut, butternut, pine nut, 4 grapes, hardy kiwi, sugar maples, ginkgo, lingonberry and wintergreen.


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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I just got in 6 nanking cherries, 1 candice seedless grape, i red lake currant, 5 rosa Rugosa and planted fresh passionflower incarnata seeds.

All but the passionflower were shipped bare-root and should have arrived in late April. They arrived last weekend and the ground was covered by 8 inches of snow. I dug out potting soil out of my garage and potted everything up last Saturday. The cherries, currant and three of the roses have broken dormancy and I couldn't be happier (well if the passionflower seeds sprout this week maybe I could).

Still waiting on a red kiwi and I just may have to go out (in about 1 1/2 months) and get myself a couple new paw paws (the ones I planted last summer may not have survived the onslaught of the roofers and the dogs: (

I don't even have tulips or daffodils yet and my basement is looking like spring!


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I just planted my Jonkheer Van Tets, Redstart and Rovada Red Currants that arrived bare root today. We just had nice rain overnight so the ground was moist but not too wet. I ordered both Red and Black Nanking Cherries from St. Lawerence Nurseries but they haven't arrived as yet.

I want to add more Blueberries also but have to made a raised planting bed. I have no time to get it done for bare root season as I have to concentate on planting the shrubs I did order and then its time for the veggie garden to get planted and al the annuals to get set in for Summertime color. I hope to get the Blueberries in the Fall.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I can't belive this is still on the board. My red currants from last year are greening up so I hope they grow lots this year. I can see bloom clusters on the Red Starts which are early currants.

I ordered nine Blueberry shrubs for this Spring as I never have enough Blueberries. It looks as if the six Blueberry shrubs I already have in the garden will bare heavily this year.

I also ordered 3 more Red Nanking Cherries to go with the one Red and two Black Nanking Cherries I planted last year. Then I also ordered Dwarf Ground Cherry Shrubs, also known as Mongolian Cherry.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Afew days ago I bought two Southern Highbush Blueberries to add to my blue berry collection that I found at a local nursery. Then today I found $6.96 blueberries at Home Depot in one gallon pots. They were older plants than the stuff you get mail order as the main stems coming from the ground were nice and woodey. But they were cut back so that there was all this new growth and flowers too. I got three plants, Chippewa, Hardiblue and Northsky. So that means I added 5 new Blueberry shrubs for myself and the birds to enjoy the fruit.

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

NewYorkRita - three years worth of reports, you grow girl!

Home Depot can sure surprise you - I found a peach there just release last year by ARS, 'Galaxy' a bigger version of 'Donut' (both are flat, white fleshed peaches with a delicate flavor). I nor anyone else have any idea if it will fruit in my zone so I'm playing pioneer.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I put in an Illinios Everbearing Mulberry, three SEaberries, Three more cherry bushes (2 nanking and 1 Hansons), two more of Peterson's Pawpaws, 2 different serviceberries, 2 manchurian apricot, boysenberries, white currants, pink currants, and more Yellow Wonder alpine strawberries. I'm sure I'm forgetting something

Rita, one day we've got to visit eachother's orchards. Did you find a big difference between the black and red Nankings? Also, you're right the goumi blooms are tiny...and they take forever to open!


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Orchard, HA HA!!! It is just my yard but I do have lots of stuff.

So far, I have found no difference between the Black and Red Nanking Cherries because this is the first year I should have fruit as they both bloomed at the same time and I got cross pollination. My original Red Nanking, which is the biggest of the lot, blooms before all the others. It has dropped its blossoms by the time the Blacks and my three newer reds start blooming. Very odd.

However, this year my 2 Black Nankings and the three newer Reds all bloomed nicely on the same schedule and I think I have fruit coming.

I bought another Red Nanking from Raintree this spring, thinking to try a different scource (my others are from St Lawrence Nursery) but they sent a dead stick so no luck there.

While I am on the subject of Raintree, they made me wait a whole year for my replacement Blackberries and this spring were out of the Arapaho so I got a credit instead. I couldn't believe it! I had called (and added to my replacements) and they assured me my blackberries were coming. I did get my replacement Apaches and I also was smart enough to get the new Ouachita blackberries so at least I do have a blackberry patch finially.

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