have: new park seed order in - one trade of each only!!

eternity2669(6a)January 8, 2008

I have placed my order with Park Seeds,it should arrive Friday, and due to quantity, I can only offer one trade of each....so first come first serve!! I am looking for some of my wants such as butterfly attractors, container plants, vines and climbers, tropicals/houseplants, dahlias, gazanias, zinnias, foxtail lilies, calla bulbs/ seeds.

Seeds available are:

"Vigna Caracalla" - 2 seeds ( its a pack of 5) This is a special trade...only for something I want!!!

"Black Eyed Susan Vine Collection" This collection includes yellow, white, sunrise surprise and blushing susie. Please note that sunrise surprise and blushing susie are only packages of 10, so the trade will be 5 seeds for those two.

"Madagascar Jasmine" 3 seeds (package of 6) This too is a special trade...only for something I want.

"Morning Glory Tie Dye Pink " 10 seeds (Package is 20)

"Amaranthus Towers Mix" 25 seeds(Package is 50...do I really need to keep repeating that?? I think you guys can see the seed pack count on the Park Seed Page, lol)

"Blanket Flower Dazzler Mix"

"Brazilian Fireworks Maracas" 3 seeds (Others already spoken for) This too is a special trade, only for something I want.

"Dahlia Harlequin Mix"

"Gazania Daybreak Petticoat Mix"

"Glory Vine Tresco Mix"

"Linaria Enchantment"

["Lisianthus Cinderella Collection

"](http://www.parkseed.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?storeId=10101&catalogId=10066&langId=-1&SearchText=90282&mainPage=textsearchresults&RequestType=NewRequest) This collection includes packages of each Cinderella yellow, ivory, pink and blue. These are SLOW growers, so start asap to see blooms before frost hits.

"Lisianthus Sapphire Pink and Blue " Same warning as above...these are SLOW growers, start asap to see blooms before frost.

"Lobelia Fountain Mix"

"Moses-in-the-Cradle" 2 seeds ( Package is 5) This too is a special trade, and only for something I want.

"Pentas New Look Mix" Trade is 5 seeds (Rest are spoken for)

"Petunia Dolcissima Flambe"

"Petunia Wave™ Rosy Dawn Hybrid" Trade is 3 pelleted seeds (Others are spoken for)

"Agastache rupestris"

"Penstemon Mystica"

From what I understand, postage for bubble mailers is going up to 1.15 on the 14th..so please double check before mailing your trade, as will I...to be sure they don't get lost on their way. Everything from my trade list is also available, so feel free to browse. Look forward to hearing from you, and if at all possible, please email, as GW mail doesn't always work for me.

"My Trade List"

Melanie / Eternity2669

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Wow, Melanie, I just got my Parks seed catalogue! My order is going out tomorrow.....

I am interested in your Moses in the cradle seeds. Maybe some others on your "have" list, if you can find anything on my list that you would like. Sherrie

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I've been doing a lot of trading, so my seed list isn't up to date, I'm out of some things. I will repost to GW when its back up and updated.



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