HAVE: Garden Trades

cyh527April 18, 2014

Please check my list for possible trades. I will also post random things I found in my garden I no longer want here. For those stuff, I can take anything I don't have.

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Do you have Blackberries and Blue berries still. My daughter has just moved into a home and trying her hand at feeding her family out of the back yard. This would be a good place to start. Let me know.

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I do, let me know how many you are looking for and what you can trade. I also have strawberries I want to trade away.

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Hi Fellow Gardner!
I heard that you have some strawberries! Would you like to trade I have:
Sunflower (Mix)
Giant Pumpkin
Mammoth Sunflower

Or would you be willing to sell them? I can send a money order if that's okay with you? Thank you!
Please contact me at xoxolovexoxo5@gmail.com

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Thanks Savy! I am open to trading anything useful as well. I've sent you an email.

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