Since its cool weather a few suggestions..... :)

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)March 31, 2005

Since its cool weather a few suggestions on nice cool weather plants to grow for "edible landscape" which ot me means edible and attractive right? While most anything green is nicer than concrete some plants are pretier than others..... that being said in cool weather you can plant carrots that you can let a few "stay" and "go to bolt" (flower) in the summer the flowers look like queen anne's lace.... use the soil where it is "loosened" where you pulled eating carrots (bolted carrots DO NOT taste good) and plant summer plants in their place.... there's lots of seed of fun multicolored carrots out there for something different (of course the color remains below ground! but the fun is in eating!)..... Also bright light swiss chard grows marvelously in cold weather is great in the kitchen (especially in soups stews and as a side dish).... and is also lovely with its "bright lights" in the garden....

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