Irish Juniper and the snow

schoolhouse_gwMarch 25, 2013

We got a heavy wet snow overnight. Never good for the evergreens, esp. the uprights. This older Irish Juniper in the courtyard was in the same position several years ago when a coon or some other animal ravaged inside it to attack a wren's nest. I tied it up with twine and it recovered nicely. Let's hope when the snow melts it will at least partially do so again.

I've heard conflicting opinions about removing snow from evergreens. Some say remove it, some say to do so can cause more damage.

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I shake or knock heavy snow off my junipers, arborvitaes, young pines, cypress, & etc, when they are so laden with snow that they do like yours. As soon as I do, they bounce back up into their proper form..

If left to the mercies of Nature, they will often split apart or branches will break off from the sheer weight of the snow, especially if there is wind.

With there is ICE, I remove the by washing it off with the garden hose. The water will of course freeze if it is cold enough, but by spraying it, I have removed the excess weight of the accumulative ice. Then I shake the tree to remove as much water as possible.

It works!

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I went out to check later in this afternoon and the all the snow had melted off of it, but there are some small pieces still sticking out like the shrub had a bad hair day but not as serious as it looked when the snow was weighing it down. I'll probably do a bit of pruning if it doesn't improve when it dries out or wrap some twine around it again.

Part of the problem is that I did NOT trim this Juniper last season or the season before and it's getting too tall and full.

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