New gardener needs help landscaping blueberries and cherry bush

xenacrocker(7)March 6, 2008


I'm new here and very new to gardening. I need some help! Our small backyard backs to parkland. We have a big brush pile right on our property line that I would like to obscure with an edible landscaping. I ordered the plants that my husband and I talked about but now I'm not sure how to plant them in a way that would look nice!

On the lefthand side I have some forsythia that cardinals and other birds love. We're contemplating getting rid of them. From the Forsythia to the end of our property I have around 42 feet. I ordered 4 blueberry bushes (2 years old and patriot, blueray and jersey varieties), 3 Hansens Bush pie cherry tree and 1 red gooseberry (the latter is for my daughter b/c in the story of snow white she makes gooseberry pies for the dwarves). How would you arrange them? What would you add?



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trilliumgreen(7 PNW)

I'm having a hard time visualizing how they should be laid out. Something that comes to mind though, is that the blueberries are going to need acidic soil, so you will want to keep them together and not inter planted in amongst the rest.

It might help to see the space (my camera is broken - so I know that pics are always easy to share). A question thought, why are you thinking about getting rid of the forsythia (I am biased, since I enjoy watching birds and miss cardinals)?

Sorry not to be more help.

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