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nomisgApril 7, 2014

I am currently looking at planting some ground cover around some shrubs. I am looking for something edible. I already have a vine/runner type strawberry growing in a half wine barrel that has done quite well, its going through a growth spout as I speak. (currently the beginning/mid of Autumn in Adelaide)

Were I plan to plant out more strawberries is in my front yard. The area wont get much direct sunlight in Winter, but will get consistent sun during the summer mornings. Will be in the shade during the summer afternoons. Adelaide summer can be hardcore, so a good thing.. Photo attached, will be planted along the fence, in front/between the shrubs. House faces East.

So my question is, will they go ok in this position and if so what variety should I go. I could propergate from the strawberries I already have, which is a variety that send out runners, but I also know of Alpine strawberries (Fragaria x vesca).

Thanks in advance

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I use strawberries among my landscape plants for ground cover and they do not get a lot of sun. Last year was the second year and I I initially planted 8 plants, whci spread all over and we got about three gallons of fruit.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

I use a combination of June bearing and everbearing strawberries in my yard. They make good groundcovers and spread well.

You may want to make a walking path or foot bridge to allow access to them in the rear of the beds.

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leila hamaya(8 nor cal)

the small wild strawberry, or alpines (slightly different but closely related to the wild types) will do much better under shade than normal big garden strawberry. strawberries are quite burly though and do ok in part shade

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I use strawberries among my landscape plants for ground cover both in areas that do not get a lot of sun and sunny areas. This year was the second year for one of my beds that is planted in shredded limb much (with a bit of soil around the plant) where I grow fruit trees and bushes. Another bed is on the south side of my house and has been there about 5 years. Made a lot of berries last year. I initially planted 6 plants, whcich spread all over. Last year in the 5-year old bed we got about 4 gallons of fruit.

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Thank you all for you advise.

As an update, the strawberries in my wine barrel have gone into growing over drive. Lots of new shoots, they have spread beyond the wine barrel, onto the ground and I would have at least 6 that have rooted in the ground that I could snip away and transplant.

Can I only transplant the ones that have rooted on the ground, or can I snip of the shoots that are just hanging over the side?

Please see the photo, in my ugg boots :-). Can I put this straight in the ground?

P.S. the wine barrel has a similar sun profile to my front yard, so I figure they will work well in both locations. But will buy some wild/alpine's to mix it up a bit.

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I am in California - the hot part of the Bay Area- and my alpine strawberries are in the same condition you have here: they grow and fruit like mad under raspberries, hibiscus and gardenias, with AM sun only- 8 to noon approx.
Too many snails to try runner berries, besides, they have many great strawberry farms around here that do a much better job than I would :)


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