lettuce in containers

cjakmm(z5IL)April 27, 2005

I have read somewhere about growing lettuce in large containers. I would like to try a mesclun mix in a container and would like suggestions on whether to plant some companion plants in the container with the lettuce or should I plant the lettuce alone? I love growing and have several varieties of herbs and wondered if one of them would make a nice complimentary planting with the mesclun mix. Perhaps a parsley or maybe nasturiums? What do ya'll think? Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

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Parsley (the flat Italian type), dill, & chervil make wonderful additions to Mesclun mixes. If you're buying the seed premixed though, check the ingredients first, as some mixes already have herb seed added.

Since Nasturtiums really need to mature before decent salad use, I'd plant them around the outside of the mix, so you can let them grow on while you harvest your mesclun.

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Thanks for the suggestions breezy! I have never tried chervil, what does it taste like? I did buy a pre-mixed seed and checked the ingredients like you suggested and didn't see any herbs mixed in. Thanks, again.

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Chervil has a mild - very mild actually - anise/parsley taste to it. It's one of the French classic herbs & is used a lot in egg dishes & salads. It's one of those herbs where you taste it in a dish, like it, but can't quite figure out what it is - lol!

It's actually very easy to grow by itself, but likes cool weather & semi-shade if grown alone. Mixed into a mesclun mix, the rest of the salad leaves should keep it shaded fine.

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