Bare root Pawpaw Care

nelson20vtApril 24, 2009

I just recently received my 5 foot bareroot pawpaw tree wich I put in a very large Container, The only reason I put it in a container is because we Planning on moving in a couple months and I want to bring it with me. The question is can I put it in Direct sun right now or do I have to do it gradually. I also mixed a bit or vermaculite and perlite with the soil.

Any help would be greatly Appreciated.

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I would keep pawpaw in slight shade. Pawpaw are sensitive when it comes to transplanting, especially when that large. Wow, 5ft? how long are those roots? Pawpaws have a long tap root, so the container needs to be deep. They do fine in the sun in the ground, but keeping a consistent moisture level in a container in full sun maybe more difficult.

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The Container I bought was the biggest one I seen at the Store about 3 Ft tall and the tap root is about 6" from the bottom so next spring needs something a bit bigger for sure. I bought two trees the 5ft is a Seedling from a Davis Cultivar but not sure if it will be any good also bought a grafted NC-1 but its only 3 Ft right now. I agree the moisture will be an issue thats why im thinking of maybe digging a hole in the yard and burying the containers.

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