edible flowers and 'weeds'

louisianagal(z7bMS)April 1, 2008

Hi all,

I have a back yard that is more like a meadow, lots of wildflowers, also known as weeds, altho I like most of them, they are beautiful. I make alot of fresh salads and do alot of cooking. I have quite a few flowers that are supposed to be edible, like daylilly, redbud, violets, johnny jump ups, roses, rose hips, dandelions, herb flowers. However, some of these are not very tasty, to me.

Do any of you grow purposefully, or harvest these volunteers, and use them in your meal preparation? Any advice would be appreciated. I would like to be able to use all this free and nutritious food. I garden organically.

Thanks, Laurie

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price403(Zone 6b, WV)

Redbud flowers are pretty good. Hardy Hibiscus flowers are good also. They make a good tea. Nasturtiums are pretty good too. The seeds are used as a black pepper substitute also. Rose hips are usually too small to do much with unless you have a large blooming rose or a rugosa rose. It is grown for large hips. They make a pretty tasty jelly. Dandelion blooms make a good wine unless you include the green base along with the yellow part. The green part of the bloom is BITTER! The greens are good before the flowers bloom. I also batter and deep fry the blooms before they open up fully. They taste a lot like fried cauliflower. If you can find Poke weed growing near you, it is an excellent wild green. I eat it as often as I can in the spring. It's supposed to be poisonous when it gets older so make sure it's less than a foot tall whn you pick it. Love in a mist (Nigella) flowers are edible and very pretty. Daisy leaves are edible in the spring, but they're kind of spicy tasting. Some people don't like them. Talk to someone from your county extension office. They can give you advice on edible plants native to your area.

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