Fence shade edibles

Garden_EaterApril 16, 2013

I've enjoyed reading the posts. I'm as newbie as gets on plants except for tomatoes and peppers. I fast three days a week.
What I want to do is grow spices and some dieting foods in my inner city yard. In the sunny areas I grow alot of tomatoes and peppers. I eat green tomatoes, and like eating them before they are ripe. This helps with having a longer season to go out, pick something, and eat it.

My biggest issues is two fences solid wood six feet tall. A total of 100 feet of shade. That face north and south. Grass grows right up to fence on both sides though.
I would like to plant edibles that come back every year in the shade behind the fence. As well as hang some herb pots.

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I've got mint and blackberries along my wood fence. It runs east-west. Both plants were planted by my neighbor to the south and grew through the fence onto my side, so I take advantage. Both the mint and the blackberries are prolific and perennial, so I can use them every year.

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I do have 6 mulberry growing on fence posts. I get a good nutrient and fullness from eating those berries.
What about chives or a onion that sprouts in spring, but due to lack of sunshine I could/should pull up early?

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