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hibiscus909(7)April 15, 2005

I have been using bird net around my blueberry bed.

Two problems - birds do occasionally get caught in the net. I keep an eye out and help them if they are stuck. Since I drape the net over a frame, the netting is somewhat loose. Would it be better if the netting was more tight?

The other problem: deer. Will bird net keep the deer out? I noticed deer net/fence at the store, and there seems to be some that are light like the bird net and some that are a bit heavier. I am sure the deer could come clean out my entire crop in one visit, so I want to make sure I put up enough protection.


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Its better to keep the netting loose as this will cause birds to get trapped much easier which IS what you want to do. Once a few birds get stuck in the netting it will send out a 'stay away' signal for most others. Keep the netting away from the bushes as the birds can peck right through the holes if the netting is touching the berry clusters. Deer don't like the netting either, and if there is a type that is a bit more rugged with the same hole openings, it may help to keep both deer and birds out.

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