Kafir lime tree/bush/seeds

lee_dirtdigger(z9-10FL)April 16, 2004

Apparently I am the only one on any plant/herb site who knows what a Kafir Lime tree/bush is!! It is a plant used in Thai cooking. The leaves are great in fish dishes and soups. The juice is used in soups and other dishes. It doesn't grow very large and is normally called a bush. I WANT ONE OF THESE!!!

The Thai restaurants in my area have changed to Sushi and they don't use Kafir in their foods. If anyone has a favorite Thai restaurant could you please ask them for a few seeds or where I could get a plant. I would surely appreciate it and trade for anything I have--Plumerias, Night blooming Cereus, pregnant onions, etc. THANKS

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I know what it is and how to use it, but I'm no good to you as to sources because I'm on the other side of the world from you. But I see it often in herb nurseries. Any large mail order herb company should be able to supply one to you - the only name I know from your part of the world is Richter's. Ask for Kaffir Lime (2 fs), or Citrus hystrix when ordering. It's a tropical plant and prefers temperatures which are fairly constant around or above 20C.

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I bought a kaffir lime tree from www.fourwindsnursery.com in Calif. recently.

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Honey01(Z6/7 NJ)

I live here in the US and purchased mine from a catalog or internet site here in the US. Sorry I can't remember who - maybe just do a general search and see what comes up? I agree - it is a must for Thai food, along with some lemongrass. If you can't find it, let me know and I will see if I can root a piece of mine for you (this would take awhile, I don't have a rooting available). Mine grows more like a small tree than a bush, but I don't particularly baby it, either.


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Tiffz8b(z8b FL)

The problem is finding a Kaffir lime tree that can be shipped to FL!

If you live out west, Nichols garden seeds sells the plants. The only source I know of for FL is Just Fruits and Exotics at www.justfruitsandexotics.com. The downfall is, that they are out of stock right now. I am waiting for them to re-stock so I can get one as well. You might want to call them and get an idea about when more might be available.

Good luck!

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Jene's Tropicals in St Pete has them.

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Anarie(z8b Tx)

Call around to your local nurseries; somebody is sure to have them. Even here, where they can't survive the winter and have to be potted, they show up at every garden show and plant sale, so I'm sure they'll have them down in the "tropics" where you are.

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You can find them on ebay but unfortunately seller won't ship to CA, AZ, FL and Canada. I have also seen the plants in 99 Ranch Market www.99ranch.com but i doubt if there's one in your area.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I hope the following will help a little. According to Four Winds Growers, Kaffir limes are also known as "Kieffer limes," "Thai limes," or "wild limes." Their leaves, zest, and juice are used in Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian cooking. Their web site has good information about the lime and where you can order it: http://www.fourwindsgrowers.com/lore/kaffir_lime.html

And, for a little more information, according to THE FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION, 2nd edition, by Sharon Tyler Herbst the definition for a kaffir lime is as follows:

"Grown in Southeast Asia and Hawaii, the kaffir lime tree produces small, pear-shaped citrus fruit with a skin that's bright yellow-green, bumpy and wrinkled. The glossy, dark green kaffir lime leaves, which are used in cooking, have a unique double shape and look like two leaves that are joined end to end. Dried kaffir lime rind and leaves, which have a mysterious flora-citrus aroma, can be found in Asian markets. Fresh leaves, which have a more intense, fragrant aroma, are sometimes also available."

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Lee: Make a trip to Houston, there are plenty of Thai lime trees for sale in Teas Nursery, also in all Vietnamese Nurseries. If you plant them from seeds, chances are you could get seedlings not same as their mothers. Kim

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Both Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery and Harris Citrus Nursery have them as 2'-3' trees. Both are located in Florida. I got a very nice Kaffir Lime tree from Harris this week. I've also previously purchased Citrus from Brite Leaf, and was very pleased with the size/quality.


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My one and only kaffir lime plant has been weak for some time. The leaves have some sticky material on them and underneath are one or two brownish, flat, oval, scale-like insects?/larvae?/residue? (can't really tell what). Some of the scale-like objects were on the stems too. I've tried removing the afflicted leaves and regularly removing the scale-like stuff but it did not help. My three-year old kaffir lime tree finally died this week after the leaves just fell off one by one! I've tried so hard to keep it alive so am devastated I failed. Can anyone tell me what was wrong with my citrus tree and is there someone who could please share some kaffir lime seeds with me?

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freckles09(z8-9 TX)

kquat, Please email me.Thanks, Dorothy

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arabid--you had scale which exudes a sticky residue. Use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol and rub the tree down. Afterwards, watch it carefully for a return. You can also spray with an organic oil insecticide if the infestation is light or as a follow-up.

I know it's gone, but be ready for the next bout. Scale is not difficult if caught early. It also loves bay trees.

Seeds are iffy on a citrus. Lots of variation. Best to buy it from a nursery or catalog.

Good luck.


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If anybody live in California and is near Santa Barbara, I know where a big, health tree is growing and the public is allowed to pick the leaves!

Good luck,

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Hey, lots of good suggestions here. Depending on where you live in Florida... there is a place in Ft. Myers called Echo that I got mine from. The place is a good trip, too. Good luck.

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