Edible permaculture landscaping

amanda_m(z7 MD)April 10, 2013

I am so excited. After months of searching for a permaculture designer to help us develop a long term plan for our .6 acre suburban lot, we started working with a great guy this week.

We are in the heavy observing/dreaming/planning stages and I'm running into a case of having champagne dreams on a beer budget/amount of space/amount of sun. When I set down with a list of what I'd like to plant someday, I'd need a property the size of Versailles to accomodate everything.

This year, the focus is on getting kiwi, asparagus, at least one fruit tree, and a herb spiral put in. Then we see where we go from there!

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Amanda, it does sound like an exciting project. I live in Rockville and am about 3 years ahead of you. My lot is smaller though: 0.28 acres. I have to be really creative - there's no way I can plant everything I would like. It's a lot of work! But every season brings something new.

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zackey(GA 8b)

We planted a hugel for the first time this year. You can almost watch the plants grow! It is awesome! Hubby put some Black Cow on top and the plants are growing like crazy!

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amanda_m(z7 MD)

We have a spot in back where we have started a brush pile. My thought is that I will eventually try out a hugel bed back there.

We have about half the fruit bushes/trees in the ground now (surrounded by heavy wire cages to keep the deer - rats on stilts - off of them). Going to try to plant the rest soon.

The herb spiral is in and it's amazing. Nasturtium and lavender are blooming and everything else is growing lush (except for the French Tarragon which looks sad).

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