WANTED: have White Forsythia

kandhi(z7VA)May 16, 2007

I have white forsythia in 8inch pot. I donot have a place to put it in ground. If anyone is intersted in this plant they can stop by my place to pick it up. For details onthis plant you can check this site


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would love a couple of plants but live in pa please e-mail me. thanks.

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please e-mail me about this forsythia i will pay postage and send you lots of seeds thank you.

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Jessie sorry I cannot ship the plant since it is 3ft tall. I found someone who is interested in it. One of my work folks is going to pick it up over weekeend.

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any chance i can get a cutting or 2 before it leaves you, please for my dad.

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Jessie, sorry it is gone, I read your message today. However if you are still interested you can get this plant for your dad from nurcar.com nursery. That is where i bought this one, online order. Below is the description on this plant from that site.

Abeliophyllum distichum
White Forsythia. Even though this is not a Forsythia, it is in the Honeysuckle family,
Caprifoliaceae, it certainly does resemble it. Flowering for us just before Forsythia, its growth
habit is similar, but somewhat more compact. Branches will be literally bathed in white
Forsythia-like flowers. Prune back each year after flowering and it will give you a greater reward
of flowers the following spring. This plant is native to Korea where it is so rare that it is illegal to
sell it. Zones 5-8.

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