Ground Cherry Question

EssexClaire(EssexCountyNJ)April 26, 2005


Many thanks in advance for advice and suggestions. I'd like to cover a patch of mostly sunny slope with ground cherry.

Here's my question: is it too late to start from seeds, or should I go for transplants?

I just ordered some seeds from Heirloom Seeds. I see that SeedSaver sells transplants.

I consider myself a newbie gardener, but I've been having good luck with starting seeds indoors and then moving them to the garden for the past few years.

I'm in Zone 6, Northern NJ.



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Dino_Tsapatsaris(9B Florida)

You mean a Physalis, edible when cooked? I don't know about new Jersey weather but you've got a long season still. Why not?

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opabinia51(SW Canada)

Yes, it is to late to start from seed. I started my ground cherries in February. I would do them from transplants now.

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thandiwe2(6b SW Pa)

I started my ground cherries from seed at about the same time you did and I have gotten a good crop. One tip is to mulch with a clean mulch like newspaper or cardboard or landscapeing cloth or plastic. The reason the things are called ground cherries is that when they are ripe they drop on the ground. If you don't mulch they will be in the dirt and if you mulch with straw or hay they will be lost as they are mostly the color of straw or hay.

They do get the same diseases as tomatoes and their family but not as badly as some. Maybe they are not a tough as a tomatillo but tougher than a tomato.

They will keep in their little paper covers for a few weeks after harvest and that let me accumlate enough to make jam. I want to experiment with chutney this year.


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