Please define trickle when watering a Techny Arb

podaplayaJune 20, 2012

1 - I was told to water a trickle at the base of the arb for 10 minutes twice (if greater than 80) a week for several 5 foot techny arborvitae. Is a trickle approximately the size of a pencil ?

2- After I am done watering if I stick my finger in the ground about 3 inches should it be sticky moist or just moist

3- I have attached what 2 or the arbs currently look like..Is the browning due to watering issues..Should I prune them or will it grow back ? If so can you provide a link on how to prune ? thx

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

If the trickle is the size of a pencil, you'd need to run it at least two or three hours. The point is to water the entire rootball and then don't water again until its dry (or warm) at that 3 inch level five or seven days later (or longer). Being wet or soggy at that three inch level means nothing just after watering as whole rootball needs a good soaking.


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10 minutes twice a week will do nothing for those plants, "trickling" hose water or even with a heavier application. Get yourself a soaker hose and water slowly but deeply over an extended period of time (tj's 2-3 hours is a good start) as often as necessary. Temperature has little to do with soil conditions so don't let that be your only guide....I'd be more concerned about monitoring actual rainfall and how far down the soil profile moisture is carried. You want the soil to be evenly moist - not wet - the full depth of the rootball.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what they said..

but those sporadic brown patches.. are shipping damage.. prune them back to a live green part...


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Windhaven(5- Midstate IL)

Good information here on watering. I've often had questions about it (and pruning dead areas at this time of year) and not had good success trying to run a search for those topics in relation to conifers. Can anyone point me to some good guideline threads?
Thanks in advance


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I bought a Burpee Moisture Meter and the average readings for all 10 of my technys was 8.5 ! Am I overwatering..The odd thing was I did try the meter on parts of my lawn that are not watered and it was also 7 -8. Note though we just had a 1 inch rain on Sunday ...

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