Is anyone willing to ship me loquats?

sandra_alboumApril 27, 2006

Hi there.

We don't get loquats here in Virginia and I'm dying for some. Ate them for years in Spain, and had to bring canned ones back from there last month because I can't find fresh ones on my side of the country.

I'd be willing to pay shipping and a small fee for the fruit...



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Dear Sandra,
(excuse me my english) I can send you some loquat seeds when the fruits will be ripen about in june. Loquat seeds have short viability. therefore I can send you fresh seeds.
A curiosity. Do you know that loquat can be grafted on quince or on hawthorn?
Please contact me in june
Carmine from Naples

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Sandra, I have three loquat trees, now heavy with fruit. These fruit are quick to spoil and so are rarely shipped as fresh fruit to my knowledge.

Have you already gotten offers from others willing to chance shipping fruit?

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(hijacking the thread)
Can anyone recommend a good source for loquat trees? They're barely hardy here and I also miss them. Thanks!

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Hello everyone,

I am also looking for a canadian source for loquat trees. Any ideas? I live in Ottawa Canada.

Thanks again

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A lot of reputable nurseries carry loquats including Willis Orchard Company and Raintree and Edible Landscaping.

I used to eat fresh loquats right off the tree as a teen when I lived in California. I purchased a small tree last year 18" and itÂs about 4Â tall now with lots of branching and no signs of any fruit. As fast as its growing I suspect that it will be over 7Â tall before years end and with any luck I hope to have some fruit summer 2009.

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Hello all,

I went on this web site requesting help fo getting loquat seeds and somebody was kind enough to send me some. I am very greatful as I now have many small trees growing from the seeds I received. I wanted to repay the person but a virus erased all my e-mail addresses. I realy would like to set the record straight and repay the generous and thoughtful person. I am sorry I could not do so before. If you recognize yourself please respond to that message. You have been generous and kind to me and I want to reciprocate.

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Sandra do you have any asian markets in your area? Here in toronto you can always find it at china town and Some of our bigger supermarkets at certain times of the year. As for loquat trees floraexotica & Greenbarnnursery in quebec sells them. I would personally get a grafted tree this way you will most likely get fruit and not have to wait a quarter of the time.

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