Paw paws & blossoms

pjb3811(z5NY)April 15, 2010

I have 2 paw paw trees, same variety, now about 7 yrs old, both planted outdoors. Last year, for the first time, one tree produced blossoms but the other did not and it doesn't look like it is going to cooperate this year either. I have been told they need another tree's pollen to successfully fertilize. They are both in the same area, about 10 ft apart. Anyone have suggestions as to how I can get the stubborn one to get with the program?



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it is my understanding that you need 2 different varieties for polination. but that said, to get both to bloom,, i had some trouble with the less vigorous of mine to have enough flowers to overlap with the more robust one. i fertized with blue berry / azalea fertilizer last spring and fall, and again this spring, and they are both loaded. dont know if that did it, but i'm going with it. if you can locate another tree (wild, botanical garden, etc) get a flower from it with ripe pollen and hand polinate. its pretty easy to tell which flowers will be receptive

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