Pomegranite Tree Location

Matt WebsterApril 22, 2012

I just planted a pomegranate tree that I intend to prune as a bush right in front of my house, maybe 4' away from the nearest wall.

Will it get too large there?

It gets enough light, and is in a courtyard area to protect from winter winds, and is supposed to be cold hardy to 0F. I'm just outside Atlanta, so it should be fine by weather. I'm just a little concerned about it getting too large for that location.

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It should be fine but you just have to keep it in check with yearly pruning. Some varieties of Poms grow larger than others but they can all be kept to a manageable size with pruning. I have poms planted only 3 feet from my driveway and I just keep pruning them into the shape I want.

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Matt Webster

Thanks for the feedback, Simon!
My plan is to keep it pruned into a bush, for more prolific fruit.

Do you have any tips on pruning? The branches seem very 'willowy,' so I'm not sure having had some experience pruning trees like apples will help me. Do you prune mostly for shape/size, or do you look for suckers, etc., too?

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