pakistan mulberry problems

anthonyazApril 12, 2014

can you tell me what is wrong with me Pakistan mulberry tree? you cant see much in the picture but the leaves are starting to shrivel and and berries are very thin and dry. also a lot of the fruit is falling off the tree. this is the second year ive had this problem.

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have you inspected it for bugs or scale ?

Could be a water issue.
sometimes plats will look like they are not getting enough water, when it is getting plenty, but the roots are just not taking it up for some reason.

same with minerals.

my papaya do this to me when they get root-rot.
leaves wilt, looking like they dont have enough water, when the ground is saturated.

i have a 25ft Alba, but never had that problem.
I am actually looking for cuttings ....
for Nigra - or Pakistan - :)

if you could oblige, i am happy to pay shipping in advance.
would kinda like to make sure your plant
doesnt have a virus first though...


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

What is your soil like? Mine is in decomposed granite, well drained and on a drip. It's thriving. We have two. Started about 18 last fall, and only 2 made it, but they are growing like weeds now.

If your soil is clay, maybe too much water?

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I would guess water. My native mulberry (middle GA) is in unamended clay over my septic tank (yikes) and thriving.

From the looks of that background, you live in an arid region (or need to plant more trees).

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