mixing raspberries

catlady4444(7)April 9, 2010

I am putting in a row of raspberries...what do you think about planting several varieties in the row? I was thinking of red, then yellow, then another red, then purple. I don't have enough space to do 4 rows. Will I regret doing this?



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viso(Reading, PA 6B)

that's what i'm planning to do. i bought an assortment that would span the growing season and the color range: yellow, orange, red, purple, and black. i think it'll be fun. i don't see why it shouldn't work, as long as i take care of them as individuals.

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They'll spread underground and the more vigorous variety will end up choking the others out. What you could do, is bury a piece of 2x6 between each variety the width of the row. This will keep the roots from spreading in with the other varieties.

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Yea. they can be pretty nice plants if taken care of, but can also cause a lot of terror and back-breaking work if unwatched. even one of my cuttings 4 in. tall started sending runners. hardy little buggers....... tasty though.

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