two goumi questions

oklahawg(NE OK z6-7)May 31, 2005

I enjoyed my first crop of goumi's. In fact, I ordered two additional plants for a different part of the yard!

1. The fruits were quite a bit smaller than the cherry or grape size I envisioned. Was this because its the first crop and subsequent crops will be a bit bigger? Or, is the one-third the width of a penny about normal?

2. I enjoyed plucking a dozen per day and snacking while puttering about the yard. Then, they all vanished. I thought they would be immune to birds, but is it possible that birds got them, or did they go past their prime and fall off?

Thanks in advance.

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Your fruit is of proper size.

Mine is ripening; the robin takes them at the first sign of color.

If you want larger goumi, try comparing them to a dime.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

The first year mine fruited the fruit was much smaller than the next year. Birds are supposed to like the fruit but no birds bothered mine last year. I really LOVE the taste of the berries too!

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amberjon(z8 FL)

Where did you buy your goumi plants?
Thank you!

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oklahawg(NE OK z6-7)

The robins must have liked them. So much so that they set up shop in a nearby tree and sing for all its worth morning noon and night. That's one good reason to plant goumi!

I bought the goumi that fruited this spring from either raintree or one green world. I bought two additional goumis after the crop this year. They were purchased from Hidden Springs nursery in Tennessee. This nursery doesn't have a website, but you can find their catalog using the google catalog search. All three of these (and Edible Landscaping who I haven't bought from in a year or two) are very good sources for the unusual.

LarryGene, I laugh everytime I read your comment about comparing them to a dime.

Hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Hidden Springs Catalog, 03-04

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

you'll likely get a number of other responses, but I'll give you two good nurseries that I know carry goumi.

Burnt Ridge (I think its
Raintree nursery, though I'm not sure about this address.

Both are quite reputable nurseries, though I prefer Burnt Ridge.


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amberjon(z8 FL)

Thank you for introducing this newbie to some great nurseries! I appreciate it.


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Just Fruits and Exotics sells Goumi trees. It's located a little south of Tallahassee and has many other well suited to Florida weather fruit trees and perennials.

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I have a LOT of Goumi Bushes/Trees growing on my property, but far and away the two best are a cultivar variety called "Sweet Scarlet" from Burnt Ridge in Washington. These fruit MUCH earlier (May'ish) and have larger, sweeter berries. The rest of mine are various Eleagnus multiflora of non-cultivar specimens. They don't fruit until late summer (August) and the berries are quite a bit smaller, though the "trees" (large bushes actually) are substantially larger than the Scarlet. The Scarlet, though smaller, is a nicer, less-wild looking bush. I have it growing in a sculptured landscape setting at the front of my property with a round river gravel mulch, and it's quite attractive.

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TO [This message originated at GardenWeb]

I saw on a years past post that you had black locust seeds (presumably for trade.) Do you have any this year for trade some time? I'm in central fl and I think I should have some seeds that would do well in you ga environment. Let me know if a trade would be something your interested in and if there's something your looking for. Thanks!

On Mar 31, 2014 8:10 PM, "GrandmaHettie" wrote:

I checked my seed box today and yeas I do have some. They are from the fall of 2012, so are about one year and a half old. I would think they should still be fine. If you are interested in a trade I will trade for some of your Thai Red Roselle seeds. Let me know if we can trade.

That's wonderful and I'm sure the seeds will still be fine(I'll give them a try.) I'll pack about 25 roselle seeds and send them to you. They're saved from last year and they've been germinating for me just this March. Thanks so much for sharing your seeds!
My address is: 31009 Westchester Ave Sorrento FL 32776. What's yours?

April2,2014 2:37 PM , "GrandmaHettie" wrote:
Put the Black Locust seeds in the maul, you should get them in a few days.

This was over a month ago...Did you get theseeds I sent? I never received Any from you!:

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