WANTED: Ontario Sweet Potatoes

runningtrailsJanuary 1, 2009

A local grocery store, here in Barrie Onatrio, is selling sweet potatoes. The sign says they are Ontario grown. What kind would they be? I am looking for one or two fo the short season variety to grow my own slips.

They also sell Jerusalem artichokes and edoes, which I am also going to grow.

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not to sure about the sweet potatoes. I'm willing to bet they'd sprout if you leave them long enough. Their site says they don't use waxes to package them. eddos are also known as elephant's ears. I find it helps to pot them earlier inside, and ket them sprout a leaf then harden them off for outside. Jerusalem artichokes can get VERY invasive (so I'm told) but I've never grown them before. It might help if grow them in bottomless pots sunk into the ground if you're concerned about their invasiveness.

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You could try Mapple Farm in New Brunswick. They specialize in short season Sweetpotatoes. They also have special culinary varieties of Jerusalem Artichokes as well as other short season specialities. Unfortunately they don't have a web site, but you can e-mail them and they'll send you their catalogue.

Info here: http://davesgarden.com/products/gwd/c/210/

I am currently growing their "Sooke" variety of Jerusalem Artichokes. This coming fall will be the first harvest of tubers.


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Thank you for the responses. I have a catalogue from Mapple Farms but their sweet potato sprouts are expensive, more than $1.00/sprout plus shipping! I'd much rather grow my own sweet potato sprouts but want the short season variety that grows here.

I have heard that about Jerusalem artichokes too but I have lots of space. I'm going to try a few on the family first and see if we like them.

I think I'll ask the store what kind fo sweet potatoes those are. I don't think it would pay a commercial grower to grow the longer season varieties in a greenhouse.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

The Jerusalem artichokes taste like a cross between Irish potatoes and parsnips - very good roasted. Canadian Gardening did a feature on it a couple of years ago, including some recipes. You can probably source it at there web-site. And yes, once you have it, you will ALWAYS have it. Nuff said!! lol.


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Does anyone have Georgia Jets sweet potatoes (about three).
I have grown them but ran out of tubers for propagation slips.
We found that they grow big and very sweet if you treat them properly after harvesting.

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I am also looking for a good source for SP slips if anyone has one. I will look into the Mapple farms but they are currently out of stock and don't list anything for 2013 as of yet.


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Try Burt's Greenhouses, Odessa, Ontario. They sell sweet potato slips. For more info google Ken Allen, sweet potatoes.

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I think that Ken Allan is no longer in business due to ill health.
May I suggest that you visit Seeds of Diversity Canada's website where we have a Canadian Seed Catalogue Inventory, updated in 2012, and named varieties of Sweet Potatoes are included.


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