4 oclock

tiresunltd(z9 CA)May 12, 2005

My girlfreind in LA has a yard full of 4 oclocks and keeps asking me if they are edable. so far I have not found any evadance that they are. Does anyone here know?


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I checked my list of edible flowers and I don't see 4 Oclocks on the list.

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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

I would not chance eating four-o-clocks. There may be a good reason that they are so pest-resistant and carefree. I would settle for fragrance, color and attracting hummingbirds and big moths.

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Ha and they make great mulch producing plants too. I whack and pull and rip at 'em and back they always come ;o)

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Don't EAT them. These are a known poisonous plant. If you want something pretty and tasty, eat the nasturtiums!

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Do not ever, EVER ingest any plant that you haven't had identified by a realiable expert source as 100% SAFE. Period.

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