Can Black Rasberries be re-grafted to another location?

Appamatix(z8 FL)May 19, 2005

Hey you'all,

My mother has this beautifull "Black Rasberry bush" growing atop an old tree-stump that we have already picked last yr and my wife made the most delicious "Jam" out of them. So I need to find out is it possible for me to dig out the roots around this stump and transplant or re-graft them over at our house.

I would like to know if this is possible and anything that I should need to know regarding how to care for them when removing and re-planting them. They are the most delicious spread on any toast early in the morning. Any "Jam" makers out there? Give me a hollar back if you know what I'm asking here...

Appamatix: z8 FL

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Depending on how rotten the stump is, it sounds like difficult surgery to me.

One option is to allow the new, non-blooming/non-fruiting canes to arch down to the ground, and in autumn, clear the ground where the cane touches to bare dirt. The cane tip should root and next spring you will have a new plant exactly the same as the large berry clump; this will be very easy to transplant. If the canes won't reach the ground, bring dirt up to them, as in a pot.

Yes, black-cap jam is delicious; I tend to juice my berries and make jelly and other products.

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