pin cherry or wild black cherry

bryan1650t(WI)May 27, 2005

Good morning!

It's time for DNR conservation tree plantings in my area again! This year I would like to try some native cherry trees-- pin cherry (prunus pennsylvanica) or wild black cherry (prunus serotina). The goal is to try to have a set of trees which will attract birds and give me quality edible cherries to jam and jelly. I already have common chokecherries (prunus virginiana), so this time I'd like to order something different. Please comment on your experiences with black cherry and pin cherry.

Thank you for your help,


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P. serotina: Two adult trees in our yard, several thousand seedlings everywhere. Roughly 99% die in the first year, but that still leaves me with dozens of larger plants that need to be pulled. Fruits disappear before I even see them. Others in our area get heavy infestations of webworms; I wouldn't mind that, so of course mine have none!

I'm intending to replace these with trees that are friendly to both wildlife and me!

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This is a good question. Hopefully, someone could answer this. I've read that (very loose information) Pin cherry makes the very best jam. How does P. virginiana cherries taste to you? P. serotina (which are common here, where P. virginiana) is absent, is bitter and posses a sweet, tart after-taste.

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