Sambucus Canadensis & Nigra Same?

Minstrel(5B)May 7, 2004

I thought these were two separate species and that I would need to buy 2 of each for best fruiting. However, on a government site they list our native elderberry (U.S.) as "Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis."

Does this mean I could buy one canadensis and one nigra and have good fruit set? Thanks!

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These are two closely related species, one native to Europe (S. nigra) and the other (S. canadensis) native to North America. I have the black elder, and it sets flowers and fruit almost all year round with no help from any other plant. There are other Sambucus species, most of which are poisonous.

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USDA has now lomped S. canadensis under S. nigra. Another species goes extinct.

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